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Seger Built Sign Co. is a family owned and operated custom graphic and sign shop. The Seger family owned a small automotive repair shop in Kansas that they ran for years. They purchased a small vinyl cutter and began doing small custom print jobs from time to time. Soon word spread about the work they were doing and in no time they were regularly taking custom vehicle wraps and custom vinyl projects. Brandon went on to become 3M certified and started Seger Built to pursue sign creation, vehicle wrapping and other custom graphic work full time. Brandon and his family relocated to the East Idaho area and set up shop in Rigby, Idaho.


What type of business benefits the most from a wrap?
All types of businesses benefit from having vehicles wrapped. The business that would benefit the most from having vehicles wrapped are the small businesses. With large businesses, most people know they are already there. With small businesses, a vehicle wrap alerts everyone you drive by that you are there too!
Is there any benefit to having your personal vehicle wrapped?
Absolutely! You can change the color of your vehicle by doing a wrap, or put a design in it that is exactly to your liking. When you buy a brand new vehicle, and you wrap it, you can remove the wrap when you are done with it and you still have a brand new paint job underneath that wrap.
Why should we go to Seger Built Sign Co. while there are many other companies that can wrap my vehicle?
Seger Built is one of the only companies in the area that has a 3M Preferred Graphics Installer on staff. Having a 3M Preferred Graphics Installer is important because to obtain that status, that person has to go through rigorous testing, to demonstrate that quality work will be guaranteed.
How long will a wrap last?
A wrap will typically last as long as you want it to. Just like anything else, if you take care of it, it will last a lot longer. However, each material we use is warrantied, we will certainly fill you in and give you options when that time comes.

“These guys are the best! We used them for our commercial project. Costs beat the competition and experience could not have been better.”


10245 N. Dozer Dr. STE#1
Idaho Falls, ID 83401


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