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Food Truck Wrap Design 

With bright colors and bold words in an eye-catching exterior design – what better way to have your food truck marketed than to have your business logo literally driven around everywhere? The best food trucks out there are able to effectively use wrap designs to give your brand a unique and memorable identity. This effective marketing strategy allows for convenient advertising as a giant vinyl billboard on wheels! A quality food truck wrap is sure to capture the attention of hungry people no matter where your vehicle is located. The graphic experts at Segar Built provide time-efficient, quality food truck wraps that are sure to make you stand out and drive your business forward. 

What is a Food Truck Wrap?

The vinyl decal designs on the sides of a food truck are essentially what a food truck wrap is. These waterproof fabric coatings create vivid designs that are made to withstand any kind of weather that your food truck might be exposed to. The intended purpose of an effective food truck wrap is to advertise and promote your food business and help you become more easily identifiable.  

A well-designed and clear-cut logo that is largely plastered to the side of your truck will be able to draw attention to your business. Your company’s colors and brand can help be made memorable across social media and website platforms through the use of a food truck wrap. There are typically three main components of a wrap and that includes:

  • The company’s iconic logo
  • Their food menu
  • The business graphics

Each wrap is completely customizable to fit the look and feel of your business. When ordering your wrap through Seger Built Signs, they will work closely with you, and your specific logo and texts, to make sure this food truck is everything your company embodies in order to effectively stand out. 

How Does a Food Truck Wrap Benefit You?

It doesn’t matter what kind of food your food truck sells – a wrap can benefit your food truck anywhere it goes! By customizing your truck’s appearance, you open yourself up to a world of advertising and marketing experiences without putting any effort into it once it is done. There are many benefits to having a food truck wrap that can help you truly stand out from the crowd. 

Creates Memorable Recognition 

Convenient access to information is helpful for any business that is hoping to efficiently sell their product. If someone, through once glance, can absorb your information quickly – you are more likely to gain their attention and potentially their business. You create memorable recognition through the use of your bright designs and your logo for everyone to see. People will be able to tell who you are and what it is you sell at a glance, providing them with much of the information that they will need to decide if they will be purchasing your products. It at least puts your name out there as an option to be considered.

Maximizing Your Visibility

Your food truck is already so large and tall, so why not capitalize on all that advertising space?! Your truck can be seen from distances away and can help promote your business from afar. Truck wraps provide your logo the opportunity to be seen on the side of your truck which helps you maximize your company’s logo visibility on space that you already have.

Cost Effective and Long Lasting

When properly taken care of, truck wraps will last for a long time in all sorts of weather conditions. These wraps are generally affordable for many businesses and with their ability to last, it saves you on other decal costs in the future. These designs on the side of your vehicle could also save you on other advertising costs when you take full advantage of these food truck wraps.

Free Advertising

The main goal behind your truck wrap will be to have the opportunity to advertise everywhere you go. Once you have your wrap on your food truck, everywhere you go will be considered free advertising for business. This one-time cost will continue to pay itself off for years to come and you drive your billboard all around. 

Two Types of Wraps 

Depending on the look you are going for and what your budget will allow for, Seger Built Sign offers both full wraps and partial wraps. Based on the surface space of your vehicle will also be a big determinate of which type of wrap will be the most appropriate for your circumstance. 

Full Wraps: Most food trucks typically opt for the full design wraps for their vehicles. This particular style of wrap is one that covers the entire surface of the truck. This wrap allows for more designs and more space for information to be seen. You can more fully embody the theme of your business when given the maximum amount of space to use. This wrap also allows you to be recognized on all sides of the vehicles which maximizes your advertising capabilities as well. 

Partial Wraps: These wraps are a great way of having your design seen on the outside of your truck without having to fully commit to an all-encompassing full wrap. These wraps can still be effective when designed effectively and can help you save some money in your budget, if that is what you are looking for. Partial wraps cover only a section of the surface area of your truck and can be a great alternative if you plan on upgrading vehicles or redesigning later.

Stand Out with Seger Built Sign Co.

With a well-designed food truck wrap, you can help to encourage success for your business. At Seger Built, we strive to help you gain the recognition that you deserve with providing quality wraps in a time-effective way. Help take your food truck business to the next level with the help of an amazing wrap done by a company you trust to do a quality job. To jumpstart this effective marketing strategy with an amazing design, contact us today! All you need is the truck and some space to advertise on the side to get the process started with Seger Built Sign!

“I’ve had the privilege of using Seger Built Sign for work on multiple occasions. They do exceptional work and extremely quick! Thanks to Brandon, Merle and their team!”

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