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When your logo is placed on the side of your semi-truck, it can be one of the most effective ways to advertise while on the road. The advertising and brand specialists at Seger Built Sign Co. can help you update your semi-trucks’ exterior look to make your business stand out on the road. Semi-truck wraps can fit any type of design, graphic, or messaging that is as unique as your business is. With a creative graphic design, your semi-truck can be elevated to the next level with a high-quality wrap that will truly leave an impression no matter where you go. 

What Are Semi-Truck Wraps?

Vehicle wraps are made with sturdy vinyl that has a strong adhesive on the back. High-quality truck wraps are made by the 3M brand that provides long-term durability and vivid colors. Seger Built is one of the only companies throughout the East Idaho area that has a 3M Preferred Graphics Installer onsite to provide quality and guaranteed wraps to its customers. The vinyl used for vehicle wraps is flexible, which allows it to form the unique surfaces that a semi-truck has. These wraps can be applied to either the trailer or the truck itself to help create the custom look you are going for. 

Benefits of Wrapping Your Semi-Truck

Semi-trucks are already bound to attract a lot of attention on the road, so why not use that to your advantage? If people are already looking at your vehicle as it is cruising down the highway, might as well give them something worth looking at that can benefit you in the long run. When you wrap your truck with well-placed graphics and intriguing messages, it helps set you up for the rewards you can get by advertising wherever you go.

Gives an Exciting Visual Appeal

Wrapping the exterior of a very large surface can bring an exciting visual appeal to all who will look at your semi-truck. The custom look you can achieve will match your business style and give those who see it an opportunity to understand a bit of what your business is all about. These wraps can help dramatically improve the physical appearance of your vehicle and can definitely give people something to talk about.

Creates an Effective Marketing Tactic

As these wraps travel on your vehicle throughout the day, they will provide an effective way to get your specific business message out there in the world. These wraps will increase your brand’s visibility out in the world while you are already out traveling in the company semi-truck. Using all that moving advertising space to your advantage will help you to reach more people as they see it rolling down the road.

Maximizes Cost Effectiveness

When you think about many other forms of traditional advertising (billboards, ads, commercials), so many of those require repeat costs in order to keep your advertisement active. A semi-truck wrap offers a one-time cost to be able to advertise wherever your truck is headed. There are years of advertising potential that can be had with one semi-truck wrap when the wrap is well taken care of. 

Adds a Layer of Protection

Aside from the marketing value that a semi-truck wrap can add, these vinyl decals offer an extra added layer of protection for your truck. Vinyl wraps can protect your semi-trucks existing paint and protect the exterior of it from weather and other potential wearing damages. You can also opt for a full surface wrap or just partial wrap depending on your needs as a company. 

Installation and Longevity of a Wrap

Each custom wrap for a semi-truck will be different. Depending on the complexity of the design and whether or not it is a full or partial wrap, semi-truck wrap installations typically take around 1 to 3 days to complete. A semi-truck wrap can typically last around 5 years with some lasting even lasting up to 7 years. These wraps also help to maintain the integrity of your truck by protecting the exterior from scratches and chips during that time as well. 

Qualities of a Good Semi-Truck Wrap

If you are to invest in a vinyl wrap for your semi-truck, you will want to ensure that it is going to meet all of your business’s needs and maximize your company’s marketing potential. A quality custom semi-truck wrap will look have a:

  • Large and Clear Logo – Semi-trucks are moving quickly down the road, so your logo will need to be large and easy to read as the truck is speeding down the highway.
  • Design with Your Business Colors – Having your wrap design match your company colors will allow your vehicle to stand out and be recognized as a part of your business. 
  • Graphic that Represents Your Brand – Many people will be seeing your truck, so make sure to think through and work with the design specialists on the kind of graphics you want to be out there representing your brand. 
  • Catchy Marketing Slogan – Your marketing slogan should be clear, concise, and catchy in order to focus on your company’s mission. These words are going to be what is ringing throughout passerbyers minds as they drive by your truck.
  • Basic and Readable Layout – Your design should be easily readable and should communicate everything you want people to know in a matter of seconds. Your whole wrap should be able to be comprehended at a glance, given the nature of it being on a fast semi-truck. 
  • Contact Information Section – Leaving space for contact details gives people the chance to gather the information that will allow them to be able to get in touch with you about your business. This can either be a phone number or web address that will lead them to someone they can get in touch with.

Wrap Your Semi-Truck With Seger Built 

Vinyl vehicle wraps are a great way to enhance brand awareness and capitalize on the advertising space that comes with your semi-truck. Seger Built Sign Co. is a family-owned custom graphic and sign shop that specializes in custom graphics to fit the needs of any business – big or small. Our professional installers will ensure that all of your concept needs are met while providing a quality product that will help get you noticed for years to come. Contact us for information on our full and partial wraps for your semi-truck today!

“I’ve had the privilege of using Seger Built Sign for work on multiple occasions. They do exceptional work and extremely quick! Thanks to Brandon, Merle and their team!”

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