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Vehicle Wraps for Construction Companies

Is your construction company looking for that extra edge so you can work on building a stronger brand? Are you looking for ways that you can advertise your business on the go while heading to your next construction project? Then custom vehicle wraps for construction companies might be exactly what you need to create that memorable edge that will be beneficial to you in this competitive market. Seger Built Sign Co. creates custom and quality vehicle wraps that can help to promote your business on the go. Their talented graphic designers can turn your construction vehicles into giant mobile billboards that will advertise your company with any brand, logo, or message you can think of! The highly experienced designers at Seger Built know what it takes to stand out by creating a quality product that is going to last. 

Construction Vehicle Wraps – What Are They?

In order to help professionally promote your brand, a high-quality vinyl wrap can be applied to the outside of your various construction vehicles. This wrap is expertly applied so as to create a flawless finish that will leave an impression on those it drives by. These can be easily removed, and it will also not cause any damage to your paint. Due to their easy removal process, vehicle wraps make for a smart marketing choice as they can be easily updated as your company evolves and grows over the years. They are long lasting advertising tools that will help to create brand awareness wherever you may travel. It also gives people the means in which to contact you for further questions or potential future projects. These vinyl wraps are a lot more than just new colors on your vehicle – it is a means to propel your business name while assisting in telling the world who you are and what you can do for them. 

A Unified and Professional Image for Your Company

It is a competitive market out there. The construction industry is growing fast and is changing constantly. Helping to make you stand out from crowds and make your construction company the obvious choice is what these vehicle wraps are here to help you accomplish. A vehicle wrap for your construction company will aid in creating a cohesive and unified image across all of your vehicles. With the construction industry being so competitive, it is vital that you do everything that you can to be memorable and create that invaluable brand name recognition. The professional image that you and our designers can create will be a unique design that will specifically embody your company and what you have to offer. 

Benefits to Using Vehicle Wraps

Investing in a vehicle wrap for your construction company means that you are able to advertise effectively to your local market. Driving around from job to job with your company name on the side of your vehicle increases the chance of it catching people’s eyes who are in need of your services wherever you go. This creates a huge marketing potential for your business. Besides being an efficient use of the advertising space on the exterior of your vehicle, vehicle wraps also offer many smart business benefits for your company. 

A Non-Invasive Form of Marketing

Many people love vehicle wraps and they are well-received by the general public. While so many advertising and marketing schemes can be so in your face and invasive, vehicle wraps provide slight reminders, and they look really good, as they are driving besides you down the road. This open form of advertising allows you to market your business wherever you are by doing it in a non-invasive or pushy way. This creative option allows people to positively engage with your business and potentially solve a problem they may be having. 

Offers Protection to Your Vehicle 

You never want your vehicle to have its paint chipped or its outer coat damaged – and you especially don’t want that to happen with a company vehicle. These quality wraps offer protection to your cars, trucks, or vans by acting as the outer layer of your vehicles. Bumps and dings are likely to impact your wrap before they have the chance to damage your vehicle. If your wrap becomes damaged, it is easier and less expensive to replace that than it would be to repair any chips or cracks to the company car or truck. 

Cost-Effective Advertising Option

This one-time cost of having a vehicle wrap installed is going to provide you with miles and miles of marketing potential. Instead of paying for rent on a billboard, your mobile billboard is going to be more effective in covering distances while driving your business name all around. This form of advertising will continue to pay off as more people see it and it continues to offer more exposure for your brand and what you do. 

Vehicle Wrap Options

Along with your custom design, vehicle wraps offer flexible options to fit your needs, your wants, and your budget. We offer three different options:

  • Full wraps
  • Partial wraps
  • Decals

For maximum exposure for your brand, a full wrap is the way to go. It covers your entire vehicle and fits smoothly across the whole surface. When your whole vehicle is wrapped, you don’t have to worry about the wrap clashing with the color of your vehicle or parts not matching because it will all be wrapped. A partial wrap is less expensive and can cover parts of your vehicle. You are still able to get your message across with a partial wrap at a cheaper price. Decals can be your logo, or something similar, somewhere smaller on the vehicle. This allows your truck, car or van to be branded with your business.

Stand Out with Seger Built 

The professional designers and installers at Seger Built want your construction company to stand out and be noticed on the road and wherever you are parked! With our quality products and eye for a great design, we can help pave the way for your company to be noticed on the road with the marketing potential to advertise wherever you go. Contact us to get started on creating your custom vehicle wrap for your construction company today!

“I’ve had the privilege of using Seger Built Sign for work on multiple occasions. They do exceptional work and extremely quick! Thanks to Brandon, Merle and their team!”

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