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Transforming the exterior of your vehicle to represent your restoration company is one of the best ways to gain exposure for your business brand. Company vehicles are already being used for vital business ventures as they can help to transport staff members, products, and equipment for various jobs. Restoration companies are no exception to utilizing these vehicles to enhance the jobs that they do. While you are already using various trucks and vans to go from one restoration job to another, why not advertise for your stellar business on the go? Having your information and company logo travel with you creates a unique way to spread the word about what your business can do for others. With this line of work being in various locations, marketing and advertising potential can be maximized through the use of vehicle wraps for restoration companies. 

Build Your Brand with a Wrap

In order to impactfully build up your brand, you need to create a solid foundation of brand name recognition. This foundation can be made when people see your brand name and logo out and about in public. The repetitive nature of name recognition can help ensure that your business is at the top of everyone’s mind. Having your brand name traveling through traffic is something that will make it even more memorable. Seger Built Sign Co. has a firm understanding that a high quality vehicle wrap for your restoration company will increase the awareness of your brand. This awareness and recognition is the foundation that will build your brand and can end up generating more calls and sales for your business!

What Makes a High Quality Vehicle Wrap?

A vehicle wrap should be made with sturdy materials and should showcase a stunning graphic design to add a high advertising value to it. Company cars, vans, and trucks can be taken all over the place and they will need to be able to endure the weather and road conditions that it encounters. There are a few aspects of a vehicle wrap that you should consider when deciding to wrap your restoration vehicle. 

Longevity and Durability

The mark of a quality wrap is whether or not it is able to withstand time and the elements of the outdoor world. When taken care of properly, a vehicle wrap should last as long as you would like it to. Vehicle wraps are made of a strong vinyl blend of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) polymer that is resident to the sun and weather elements. The best way to see the effects of a certain wrap’s longevity and durability is by researching the wrap installers’ work. Seger Built’s portfolio offers insights and examples of the durability and design of their high-quality wraps. 

Installation and Uniformity

For the quality and uniformity of the wrap, much of that has to do with technique and expertise of the installer. In order to create a seamless and clean look with a huge wrap on a large vehicle, the installer needs to be highly experienced and greatly skilled. The quality of your wrap can largely depend on the conformity that the vinyl has on the vehicle. The professional installers at Seger Built will ensure that there are no creases or bumps which will help it adhere and last longer as well. With being one of the few 3M Preferred Graphic Installers in Eastern Idaho, Seger Built is the place to go to get a quality wrap installed properly.   

Meaningful and Eye-Catching Graphics

The desired response you want from a restoration company vehicle wrap is for your logo to really stand out and make a meaningful impact to those who see it on the road. You want potential clients to notice your company and gather all the information they need to get in contact with you about your services. A quality wrap will be effectively designed to catch the attention of those on the road. Stunning graphics will help guide you towards success for your restoration company. 

Ways to Create Maximum Impact 

Having high quality materials, a professional installer, and stunning graphics creates the perfect recipe for having an impactful wrap for your restoration company vehicles. Your ultimate goal is to grab people’s attention with your wrap. You can create the maximum impact with your wrap by considering some of the following suggestions.

  • Design your graphics with your logo and slogan for maximum brand name awareness
  • Choose bright colors in your design to stand out and catch people’s attention 
  • Have a professional graphic designer design your graphics and color scheme
  • Cover your entire vehicle in the wrap to maximize your advertising space
  • Have your contact information highly visible for people to easily see
  • Ensure your wrap stays in good condition by keeping your vehicle clean 

Investing in your graphics and your wrap will help to perpetuate your company forward with maximum impact. Take pride in your company and everything you have to offer by investing in this powerful marketing tool. 

Do It Right with Seger Built 

This family owned and operated custom graphic and sign shop has loved serving the East Idaho area with their quality designs and wraps. Our installers are 3M certified and experienced in custom vehicle wraps – offering expertise in any vehicle wraps you might need. These long-lasting graphics make our vehicle wraps in the top tier of high quality products. We understand the importance of having your wraps installed the right way and we pride ourselves in our expert skills in getting them placed to last a long time. Seger Build is proud to offer excellent customer service to ensure that your advertising vision that accurately represents your business comes to life. We want to maximize your marketing potential and really help your restoration company stand out with our custom and quality vehicle wraps. Our qualified installers are prepared to handle any size vehicle and any logo design that you need. Our priority is our customers and creating durable products that you will love for years to come. Do it right with Seger Built Sign Co. and contact us today for your vehicle wrapping needs.

“I’ve had the privilege of using Seger Built Sign for work on multiple occasions. They do exceptional work and extremely quick! Thanks to Brandon, Merle and their team!”

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