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From flying debris, to robbers, to flying baseballs – windows can often encounter blunt objects that cause them to crack, shatter, and fall apart. When a window breaks, it causes damage to the building and could potentially injure someone. Not to mention that the safety of any building is compromised when a window breaks or is broken into. Although glass is the typical choice for windows and doors, there can be a frequent concern with their breakability. Due to these concerns, it is not surprising that people want a way to protect the integrity of the windows and doors in areas such as homes, schools, buildings, and vehicles. 

Not everyone can afford unbreakable or bulletproof glass for every window and door of a structure. But there are options that can help build the resilience of the glass that is already in place. A cost-effective option is that of window security film. By enhancing and strengthening your original glass, your windows and doors will be better prepared to withstand tree branches, break-ins, golf balls, gunshots or even bombings. A window security film installer will be able to effectively evaluate your structure and provide the necessary expertise to secure your windows and doors to help maximize the protection of your building. 

Security Film for Windows and Doors – What Is It?

As an impact-resistant and polycarbonate plastic, security film is made up of many tiny layers of these materials and used to shield your glass surfaces. This compounded material strengthens your glass and makes it more likely to withstand internal or external forces. Within any structure that uses glass windows or doors, these are typically the weakest points of any building. This leaves these parts vulnerable to any number of forces that could destroy them and compromise your safety. This window film can help better protect you and it can be installed on the interior, exterior, or both sides of a window or door, to increase the maximum protection of the glass.  

Improved Security for Companies and Residences

Many different buildings and companies throughout the world use security film for their windows and doors to improve their security. These measures are effective and can be used in high traffic areas such as:

  • Airports
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Stadiums

These improved safety measures can decrease the likelihood of many people being hurt in the cases of natural disasters, accidents or intruders. Security film can also fortify the more intimate spaces and protect those you love in spaces like:

  • Homes and residences
  • Nursing homes
  • Trucks and cars
  • Private businesses
  • Churches

Wherever there are people inside a structure with glass windows or doors, security film can be that added measure to help ensure everyone’s safety and protect against all different kinds of causes. 

The Advantages of Using Window Security Film

Security film to fortify your glass windows and doors comes with many different advantages that can be a great benefit in many situations.

Prevents Shattering and Falling Out

Glass-related injuries are likely to occur when an object has hit a glass surface and the glass shatters and falls to the floor. While this security film does not always prevent the glass from being broken, it does hold the shards of glass together. This makes it more difficult for any object to make its way through and prevents the glass from posing a major safety concern if it had shattered onto the ground. 

Helps Prevent Break-Ins

Along with helping secure the glass in place and making it more difficult for objects to get through in case of a break-in, security film on windows and doors can even help reduce the threat of robberies. Oftentimes robbers look for houses, businesses or schools that are easy targets. With glass windows and doors being one of the weakest points of the buildings, intruders will head towards easily accessible and breakable windows to use when they are going to attack. Robbers are less likely to even try if they see how fortified your windows are. This film also makes it more difficult to even break the glass. Even if it were to get broken, the film is so strong that it would be very difficult to get through it – providing an extra safety measure as well.  

A Cost-Effective Option

To replace your windows can be a very costly endeavor and can take a lot of work if you are looking to upgrade all your glass features. With a window security film installer, they can easily upgrade your glass windows and doors with security film that won’t cost you nearly as much as it would to replace all of it. This film will save you money by protecting your windows against scratches, cracks, or vandalism, and reducing the need to have them replaced.

Helps to Increase Privacy 

Security film comes in a wide variety of colors and textures – from clear, to opaque, to reflective. These tints can offer more protection from people being able to see inside and it can maximize your privacy through the many different options that are offered. This film is also a good way to protect yourself and your items inside from harmful UV rays as well. 

Work with Seger Built to Install Window Security Film

A simple, but effective way to protect your business, your home or even your vehicle is by installing window security films. Building resilience in the weak point of any structure will help to keep your belongings and loved ones safe from anything that might come at it. Seger Built is efficient with film wraps because we believe time is money, the safety of your people and your property matters, and that it should come at a cost-effective price. Taking the initiative to protect your buildings and keep everyone safe with window security film wrap will be a decision that can help safeguard your future from the unexpected. The team at Seger Built can help to install the security film that will reinforce your glass windows and doors, and it will ultimately help to keep you better protected. Contact the Seger Built team today to learn more about us and get more information about our film services.

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